IPRIME Faculty Textbooks

Please visit the publisher’s website to purchase any of the textbooks in the “Fundamentals of Interfacial Engineering” series written by IPRIME faculty.

The Colloidal Domain, Where Physics, Chemistry, and Biology Meet
D. Fennell Evans and Hakan Wennerstrom
ISBN: 1-56081-526-6

Atomic Force Microscopy: Understanding Basic Modes and Advanced Applications
G. Haugstad, Wiley (2012)
ISBN: 978-0-470-63882-8

Modern Coating and Drying Technology
Edward Cohen, Edward Gutoff, et al.
ISBN: 1-56081-097-1

Polymer Chemistry
Second Edition by Paul C. Hiemenz, Timothy P. Lodge
CRC Press (2007) – Hardback – 587 pages
ISBN 1574447793

Polymerization Process Modeling
Matthew Tirrell, Neil Dotson, et al.
ISBN: 1-56081-693-1

Rheology: Principles, Measurements, and Applications
Christopher Macosko
ISBN: 1-56081-579-5

Statistical Mechanics of Phases, Interfaces, and Thin Films
H. Ted Davis
ISBN: 1-56081-513-2

Fundamentals of Interfacial Engineering
Robert Stokes and D. Fennel Evans
ISBN: 0-471-18747-3