Jie Song Thesis defense of Ph.D., September 14, 2011

Interfacial Coupling between Immiscible Polymers: Flow Accelerates Reaction and Improves Adhesion

Thesis defense of Ph.D. candidate Jie Song
Dept of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Advisor: Professor Chris Macosko, IPrime Director and Microstructured Polymers program member

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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Functionalized polyethylenes made via reactive extrusion dramatically improved the performance of their blends with polyurethane, nylon and acrylics. Adhesion, compatibility, hardness and scratch resistance were all increased greatly expanding the applications of polyolefins. In order to clarify the processing flow effects on reaction kinetics, a coextruded bilayer system with coupling reaction at interfaces was created. The reaction rate through a fish tail die with compressive/ extensional flow was strikingly almost two orders of magnitude faster than that through a constant thickness die or quiescent lamination. Flow significantly accelerates interfacial coupling reactions and improves adhesion.