Microstructured Polymers Webcast Series 2011-12

Please note: This webcast series is no longer available. (updated 10-3-16)


The Microstructured Polymers group of IPRIME presents a polymers webcast series. Six seminars were delivered by polymer chemists from across the nation working in areas that are of interest to member companies.

The webcasts are available to IPRIME members upon request.

Also available to members upon request: MP Webcast Series 2010-11

September 23, 2011
4:15p Central, 331 Smith Hall
Prof. Ben Hsiao
“Highly Efficient Nanofibrous Membranes for Water Purification”
HOST: Tim Lodge
URL: http://www.unite.umn.edu/specials/events/iprimemp/20110923/

15 November 2011
9:45a Central, 331 Smith Hall
Prof. Christine Luscomb
“Creating Ordered Structures for Organic Photovoltaic Devices”
HOST: Marc Hillmyer
URL: http://www.unite.umn.edu/specials/events/iprimemp/20111115/

1 December 2011
9:45a Central, 331 Smith Hall
Prof. Jillian Buriak
“Self-Assembled Block Copolymer Templates for Nanolithography: Enabling Density Doubling and Fine Structure Control”
HOST: Marc Hillmyer
URL: http://www.unite.umn.edu/specials/events/iprimemp/20111201/

13 March 2012
9:45a Central, 331 Smith Hall
Prof. Parisa Mehrkhodavandi
“Chiral Indium Catalysts for Highly Controlled Ring Opening Polymerization of Cyclic Esters”
HOST: Bill Tolman
URL: http://www.unite.umn.edu/specials/events/iprimemp/20120313/

3 April 2012
9:45a Central, 331 Smith Hall
Prof. Kathryn Ulrich
“Polymer Therapeutics: Polymers from Bioactives and for Biodelivery”
HOST: Theresa Reineke
URL: http://www.unite.umn.edu/specials/events/iprimemp/20120403/

10 April 2012
9:45a Central, 331 Smith Hall
Prof. Suzie Pun
“Synthesis and Application of Peptides and Peptide-Based Copolymers for Targeted Drug Delivery”
HOST: Theresa Reineke
URL: http://www.unite.umn.edu/specials/events/iprimemp/20120410/

For additional information, please contact the coordinator Marc Hillmyer, MP Program Leader.