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COVID-19 Update:

IPRIME is monitoring the situation with the COVID-19 carefully with guidance from the University of Minnesota.  The IPRIME Annual Meeting has been postponed and we are currently in process of rescheduling.  If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Bob Lewis (boblewis@umn.edu).  

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Industrial Partnership for Research in Interfacial & Materials Engineering

IPRIME focuses on creating opportunities for professionals in industry to collaborate with students and researchers at the University of Minnesota. This exchange provides a productive environment for addressing key areas in interfacial and materials science.

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Research Programs

Biocatalysis & Biotechnology (BB)

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Biomaterials and Pharmaceutical Materials (BPM)

Biomaterials and Pharmaceutical Materials (BPM)

Coating Process Fundamentals (CPF)

Coating Process Fundamentals (CPF)

Electronic Materials & Devices

Electronic Materials & Devices (EMD)

Flexible Electronics and Photovoltaics (FEP)

Flexible Electronics and Photovoltaics (FEP)

Microstructured Polymers (MP)

Microstructured Polymers (MP)

Nanostructural Materials and Processes (NMP)

Nanostructural Materials and Processes (NMP)

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NSF Report Highlights IPRIME for Industrial Collaborationnsf_report_cover.png

"Increase industry sabbaticals in academia.
Industry sabbaticals are encouraged through personal relationships and in some consortia (for example, the IPRIME consortium at the University of Minnesota, where over 200 industrial researchers have participated in its Industrial Fellows Program)."

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Upcoming Events


Annual Meeting--Postponed
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CPF Short Course

To mitigate the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 Coronavirus, the CPF Short Course will be rescheduled. 
New dates are to be determined. 


Rheology Short Course 2020

June 7-12, 2020
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Cellular Bioprocess Technology Short Course

July 27-30, 2020
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What's in the News?

Frank Bates from the MP group, receives a special gift from China

April 1, 2019
Frank Bates received a case of surgical face masks from a former student in China.
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Timothy Lodge has won the 2020 Sustained Research Prize of the Neutron Scattering Society of America (N


Feb. 28, 2020 Tim Lodge, faculty in our MP program, is recognized by the Neutron Scattering Society of America (NSSA) for "his pivotal contributions to the fundamental understanding of polymer structure, thermodynamics, and dynamics through the use of small angle neutron scattering."

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Professor Mahesh Mahanthappa, of the MP Research Program,  has been honored by the Laboratory Safety Institute

Feb. 5, 2020 - Professor Mahesh Mahanthappa, of the MP Research Program,  has been selected to receive the 2020 Laboratory Safety Institute Graduate Research Faculty Safety Award, awarded by ACS Division of Chemical Health and Safety...

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Francis and Frisbie to have breakthrough technology licensed

Lorraine Francis, program leader of the CPF research group and C. Daniel Frisbie, IPRIME faculty member in two research programs (CPF and FEP) will have their breakthrough printed electronics technology licensed by Carpe Diem Technologies, Inc. The technology is called SCALE (Self-aligned Capillarity-Assisted Lithography for Electronics), and is particularly suitable for printing on flexible substrates, such as paper and plastic.

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IPRIME's Faculty Director, Satish Kumar, is elected to Executive Committee of American Physical Society Division of Fluid Dynamics

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Chris Leighton, faculty member of our Electronic Materials and Devices program, has been elected Fellow of the IEEE

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Russell Holmes, program leader for the Flexible Electronics and Photovoltaics program, was appointed as Christenson Chair in Renewable Energy

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