Free Workshop on "Particulate Coatings: Processing and Applications"

"Particulate Coatings: Processing and Applications"
January 15, 2009

The IPrime Coating Process Fundamentals (CPF), Nanoparticle Technolgy (NPT), and Organic Optoelectronic Interfaces (OEI) Groups will offer a workshop on the processing and applications of particulate coatings.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EE/CS) 3-210

CO-SPONSORED BY Coating Process Fundamentals (CPF), Nanoparticle Technolgy (NPT), and Organic Optoelectronic Interfaces (OEI)

Particulate Coatings: Processing and Applications

Open to IPrime member companies, invited guests, faculty and students(For those considering IPrime membership, please Bob Lewis,, about attending these workshops free of charge as an IPrime guest.)

Organizers: Lorraine Francis, 612-625-0559,; Dan Frisbie, 612-625-0779,;
Uwe Kortshagen, 612-625-4028,; Satish Kumar, 612-625-2558,

Thursday, January 15, 2009, 8:30 AM to 4:15 PM
Electrical Engineering/Computer Science Building - Room 3-210

Full Workshop Schedule

8:00 Coffee, juice, and rolls 

8:30 Satish Kumar, University of Minnesota
Welcoming Remarks

8:35 William Russel, Princeton University
The Mechanics of Film Formation and Cracking with Colloidal Dispersions

9:35 Eric Granstrom, Cima NanoTech
Self Aligning Nanotechnology for Transparent Electronics  

10:10 Break

10:35 Jessica Liao, Hewlett-Packard
Particulate Coatings: Applications in Digital Printing

11:10 Eray Aydil, University of Minnesota
Coating Problems in Making Quantum-dot Solar Cells

11:45 Break (box lunch provided for industrial members and guests, speakers and faculty)
Optional Tour of Coating and Organic Optoelectronics Laboratories in Amundson Hall

1:00 Neal Nelson, Imation (retired)
Dispersing and Coating Alumina in the Data Storage Industry: Past, Present, and Future

1:45 Maria Nargiello, Evonik
Use of Nanostructured Particles based on Metallic Oxides to Enhance Coatings

2:20 Break

2:45 Michael Tsapatsis, University of Minnesota
Nanoparticle Coatings for Membrane Applications

3:30 Mikhail Pekurovsky, 3M
Micron-scale Particles in Drying Films

4:05 Satish Kumar and Lorraine Francis, University of Minnesota
Wrap-up Discussion and Closing Remarks

4:15 Adjourn